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October 29, 2008



Oy. I just took the test and I'm an INFP: Idealist Healer, AKA total wuss slacker! I accept it because the description is really accurate, but dang, I think Mastermind's kind of a step up, no?


Deconstructionist! Are you calling Princess Diana a slacker?! You're crazy, I read your profile and INFP is great!


I am ENFJ, the Idealist Teacher Personality.

I keep company with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Diane Sawyer, Bill Clinton, and my favourite, Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls! :) I wish I could rock bangs the way she does.


Paprika, you are on crack. Did you not see the 50 million Facebook comments saying, "YOUR BANGS ROCK"?!


Okay, Princess Di was not a slacker. And yeah, I was happy to be INFP -- it gives me permission to continue to be a slacker. Thank you, Internet, for re-affirming my life choices! :P

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