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December 30, 2008



I'm match your wrecked ACL with an injured Rotator Cuff.

Here's to an injury free 2009!


K, what happened?!


Tried to dodge two women in the middle of the sidewalk, right foot planted on solid ground, left foot hit ice, right foot decided it would rather be in the air with the left foot. I somehow find myself parallel to the ground quickly hurtling to the very unforgiving sidewalk where my right shoulder crashed into the sidewalk taking my full body weight.

I yelled for the women not to touch me when they tried to help me up because my arm was numb but causing immense pain and I thought I had either dislocated or broken my shoulder.

Instead, I have a nasty rotator cuff injury making it difficult to do things like brush my teeth and wash my hair.

So yeah, here's to an injury free 2009, Les!

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