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February 27, 2009


Kellie Dininio

Haha!! I am so doing this too!!! :)


Small, Petty, and AWESOME.


You evil, evil little girl!! Because of you our junk mail won't come with prepaid postage envelopes and we will all have to put a STAMP on our credit card applications - because you KNOW we all need another credit card!! LOL!
Hey next time put an address label on it to see if it will arrive at a different address with their paid postage...I wonder...


Awesome as well. I forgot about this tactic, I may have to try it myself. The revolution will not be televised.


It is really effective. I hardly get any direct marketing anymore. I don't think I can win against a blanket campaign like this, but I still enjoy wasting their postage.

@ Ingrid: *I'M* the evil one?! I'm totally trying that.


Write someone a letter and put there address on a sticker over the RBC one and perhaps they will get your note for free...

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