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March 29, 2009



Holy crap that was the funniest thing I've ever read!!! hahahahaha
That right there is a very insightful look into the relationship between husband and wife...


I know right?! Lmao!!

Fahrin Kermally

We should use that for one of our book club meetings. Lots of good discussion coming out of that one!


Woah, that is NOT how I expected the story to end. Greatness.


I love how she threw in that totally random joke at the end to lighten up the mood...! This really WOULD bring out a lot of discussion at your book club meeting! LOL!


hahaha... my four year old niece told me a story this weekend about the Easter Bunny.

She said, the Mommy Easter Bunny went out and hid eggs and chocolate for all the little kids in the world to find. When I asked, well what about the Daddy Easter Bunny? She replied, oh, he stays at home and watches the kids ;)

Kellie Dininio

This is the most brilliant story ever - it should be on The Hour for Best Story Ever - honestly.

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