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September 24, 2009



Man, I wish you'd posted this last night. I might not have spent a half an hour in a gray-plucking frenzy. (It takes a little longer every time...)


I've had a gray streak since I was 17. I used to spend lots of time & money colouring it to match the rest of my very dark hair.

Then I shifted to dying around the streak. There were lots of errant grays that upset the balance of my bold streak.

Now I'm growing it all out. And just like you, I was surprised that I didn't throw a hissy fit.

It's great to be a grown up about growing older.


Since I turned 28 I've discovered 1 new gray hair a year. Just saw one this morning infact...buried back behind my ear. I left that one alone...figure since I seem to be thinning quicker than I'm graying ... I might as well leave it.
I think I'd prefer to be gray than BALD!!! LOL!

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